We Honor Our Fallen Heroes


Daryl Turner, President
Portland Police Association

(July 17, 2016 – Portland, OR) – Today again we received news of another attack on law enforcement officers. This time in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. First of all, our thoughts and prayers go out to our brave heroes who gave the ultimate sacrifice. We grieve with your families, loved ones, and friends. Their loss is our loss and a nation’s loss of brave heroes who went out into their communities every day keeping them safe. Likewise, our prayers go out to the wounded heroes as they recover and their families, loved ones, and friends try to make sense of this unjustified, senseless act of violence on those who keep our neighborhoods, streets, and nation safe.

As we grieve with our brothers and sisters in Baton Rouge, let us not be blinded by the cowardly acts of a few or the toxic rhetoric of those whose agenda is to turn us against one another. We must become stronger to be able to resolve our issues. We must refuse to give into the hate and violence that has fueled these attacks in Baton Rouge, Dallas, and other cities across the nation. And we must join together as a nation to support each other in our communities and in law enforcement to become one. This is how we honor our fallen heroes.