Understaffed and Underfunded: Statement on DOJ Report

Our officers continue to be committed to the priority of constitutional policing and public safety. The USDOJ’s recent report reveals opportunities to fix two core structural problems in the Police Bureau.

First, we need sufficient staffing to meet the community’s public safety needs. The unprecedented challenges faced by the Police Bureau with the simultaneous emergence of a pandemic and relentless protests once again highlight that the Bureau is stretched to the limits of its ability to operate by our critically low staffing levels.

Second, the City needs to reaffirm its commitment in the USDOJ Settlement Agreement to provide the Police Bureau with adequate funding to regain and maintain substantial compliance. Our officers and Bureau leadership have spent years implementing systems to meet the requirements of the USDOJ settlement agreement. Those are worthwhile investments, and we need continued investment in the Police Bureau to comply with USDOJ mandates.

Brian Hunzeker, President
Portland Police Association