Authorized Staffing Level of the Portland Police Bureau

MEMORANDUM Over the last twenty years, the City of Portland population has grown by over 20%. The Portland metropolitan area is now the 14th fastest-growing metro area in the United States.  While the City has been steadily growing, the authorized staffing level for the Portland Police Bureau has seen a 9% decrease. The face of[…]

Authorized Staffing Proportionate To City Growth Makes Sense

Over the last twenty years, the City of Portland has grown by over 20% and greater Portland is the 14th fastest-growing metro area in the United States. The face of our City has changed dramatically and the needs of our communities have evolved, yet our public safety infrastructure is stagnant. The authorized staffing level for the Portland Police[…]

Portland Police: Well-Educated, Trained, & Experienced

As summer ends, I’d like to acknowledge the hard work, dedication, professionalism, and perseverance of the rank and file members of the Portland Police Bureau. Over the last few years, catastrophic staffing issues have plagued this organization. The writing was on the wall, yet ignored until our citizens realized that the lack of police officers[…]

Is City Council Serious About Fixing Our Staffing Crisis?

As you know, we have been engaged in ongoing conversations with the City to resolve several issues; most importantly, inadequate sworn staffing at the Police Bureau. Our message to City Council has been unwavering—we must address retention and recruiting issues, and we must do so quickly. Our staffing crisis can only be solved with a comprehensive,[…]

PPB Calls for Service 2012-2016 1st 4 mos

Calls for Service Increase while Self Initiated Activity Decreases

The correlation between critically low staffing levels and self-initiated activity is obvious; self-initiated activity by officers makes our streets, our schools, and our communities safer by lowering the rate of person and property crimes. With the current staffing level shortage at the Portland Police Bureau, there just aren’t enough officers to provide the quality, community[…]

Staffing Crisis

Without a doubt, low morale amongst the rank-and-file in the Police Bureau has a significant, negative impact on our work within our communities. We’re frustrated because catastrophically low staffing levels prevent us from proactively engaging the public, proactively preventing crime, and from investigating and solving crimes expeditiously. Within the last five years self initiated activity[…]