Evidence Not Rhetoric

Last Saturday night’s officer involved shooting at a South East Portland homeless shelter is another example of the extremely dangerous environment that Portland Police Officers face when protecting the lives of community members. Any time a citizen calls for help, police officers can be confronted by dangerous armed subjects as was the case in Saturday[…]

In Response to the City of Portland Auditor’s Reports of the Portland Police Bureau Gang Enforcement Team

As I waded through the lengthy City Auditor’s reports on the Gang Enforcement Team (GET) of the Portland Police Bureau, I was amazed at how narrow the Auditor’s field of vision is on the issue of gang and gun violence in our vulnerable communities. These reports are another example of an elected official, a bureaucrat,[…]

Damned if we do. Damned if we don’t.

Portland police officers rely on Bureau policies and training when taking police action. Many of these policies are mandated by the United States Department of Justice, with the aim of reducing police use of force in Portland. Unfortunately, these policies are jeopardizing public safety by confusing officers and putting them in untenable situations. Our officers[…]

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An Assault on Common Sense

As we are continuously crippled by catastrophic staffing shortages at both the patrol and investigative levels, Portland Police officers, sergeants, and investigators are responding to increasing crime rates, record calls for service, and rapidly evolving livability issues at an unprecedented rate. While City Hall balks at the idea of increasing the overall authorized staffing levels[…]

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Setting the Record Straight

As 2017 wrapped up, Portland Mayor and Police Commissioner Ted Wheeler reflected on his first year in office applauding the progress made by City Council on the issues of homelessness, livability, and public safety concerns. While he credited City Council and other Bureaus for contributing to the success of his administration, the Portland Police Bureau[…]


In Response to Mayor Wheeler’s Editorial

According to Mayor Wheeler’s December 10, 2017 editorial in the Oregonian, Portland is a utopia with a handful of “big-city problems.” Unfortunately, this is not the Portland in which most of us live, work, and recreate every day. The blatant disconnect between Mayor Wheeler and our citizens, business owners, and those who serve the community is greater[…]

Smoke and Mirrors

At the annual fall “budget monitoring process,” Portland’s City Council declined to fund 85 Portland Police Bureau (PPB) positions – positions strongly advocated for by the Portland Police Association (PPA) and requested by the PPB and Portland community members, business owners, and residents. Instead, City Council authorized funding for 10 over hires from the previous[…]

Authorized Staffing Level of the Portland Police Bureau

MEMORANDUM Over the last twenty years, the City of Portland population has grown by over 20%. The Portland metropolitan area is now the 14th fastest-growing metro area in the United States.  While the City has been steadily growing, the authorized staffing level for the Portland Police Bureau has seen a 9% decrease. The face of[…]

Authorized Staffing Proportionate To City Growth Makes Sense

Over the last twenty years, the City of Portland has grown by over 20% and greater Portland is the 14th fastest-growing metro area in the United States. The face of our City has changed dramatically and the needs of our communities have evolved, yet our public safety infrastructure is stagnant. The authorized staffing level for the Portland Police[…]

On Meeting with Attorney General Jeff Sessions

Yesterday, the leadership of the Portland Police Association, along with dozens of other law enforcement leaders including Police Chiefs and Sheriffs from all over Oregon, met with United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions. The PPA was the only, exclusively rank and file police labor union in the state invited. The primary focus of Attorney General[…]

We All Deserve Better

With unwavering resolve, the Portland Police Association pressed for having the staffing and resources to keep our communities safe and in November 2016, our collective bargaining agreement with the City of Portland was ratified by City Council. The new contract established incentives to bolster retention and recruitment as we faced the worst staffing shortage in[…]

Thank You

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Daryl Turner 503.225.9760 Phone president@ppavigil.org Portland, ORE – August 7, 2017 – THANK YOU As president of the Portland Police Association, I’d like to thank Chief Mike Marshman for his leadership over the past fourteen months during the most tumultuous times we’ve seen in the past quarter century. He took a ship in[…]

Equal Rights for All

In 1967, the Supreme Court of the United States wrote that, “policemen, like teachers and lawyers, are not relegated to a watered-down version of constitutional rights.” For 50 years, this Garrity right against compelled self-incrimination has been the law of the land under the 5th Amendment. Thirty-three years ago in 1984, the Oregon Supreme Court[…]

Mental Health

System Failure

Across our country, police officers routinely serve as first responders to mental health crises. Every day, officers successfully resolve those matters through verbal de-escalation techniques and by facilitating additional mental health resources for our community members. These encounters end peacefully because of the dedication and professionalism of our officers, who employ enhanced training specific to[…]

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Protests and Politics

Over the last year we have seen a significant shift in the exercise of free speech protests nationwide and, especially, in the City of Portland. Locally there have been protests for everything from a new collective bargaining agreement between the City and the Portland Police Association to the June 4th “Free Speech Protest” by white[…]