PPA/PPCOA Concerns

Concerns about the Integrity of Internal Investigations The Portland Police Association and the Portland Police Commanding Officers Association share grave concerns about the integrity of internal administrative investigations in light of actions taken in the aftermath of Chief Larry O’Dea’s incident in Harney County. At a minimum, it appears that the Captain of the Police[…]

Preserving the Integrity of our Police Bureau

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Daryl Turner, President Portland Police Association 503.225.9760 Preserving the Integrity of our Police Bureau (May 24, 2016 – Portland, OR) – The rank and file of the Portland Police Bureau live and work by a standard and code of conduct set forth by the Chief of Police, his managers, and most of[…]

Safety Alert

SAFETY ALERT! Last night I attended a Citizen’s Review Committee (CRC) hearing. The ground rules of the CRC are simple and explained at the start: All parties are to be respectful to everyone and each participant has 1 1/2 minutes to speak. Immediately after the CRC Chair finished her introduction and ground rules explanation, several[…]