Equity Is A Two Way Street

Last Thursday night an entire nation watched Dallas Police officers rush toward gunfire to protect and aid protesters caught in the crossfire. Twelve officers were shot. Five officers made the ultimate sacrifice without regard to the race, creed, color, gender, religion, or sexual orientation of the people they were protecting. This past Sunday, over one[…]

PPB Calls for Service 2012-2016 1st 4 mos

Calls for Service Increase while Self Initiated Activity Decreases

The correlation between critically low staffing levels and self-initiated activity is obvious; self-initiated activity by officers makes our streets, our schools, and our communities safer by lowering the rate of person and property crimes. With the current staffing level shortage at the Portland Police Bureau, there just aren’t enough officers to provide the quality, community[…]

Tentative Agreement Clarification

Just to Clarify Yesterday, a story ran in the Oregonian referring to the closed-door executive session of the Portland City Council to discuss the status of contract talks that included the potential for a new collective bargaining agreement with the Portland Police Association. The article erroneously stated that there was a tentative agreement between the[…]