In Response to the Janus Decision

Today, the United States Supreme Court issued its decision in Janus v. AFSCME, a case based more on politics than principles and financed by a small group of powerful billionaires intent on weakening the bargaining power of all workers, abolishing our pensions, eliminating the minimum wage, and privatizing the public sector. I am confident that our tradition and commitment to working together to improve wages, benefits, and working conditions will transcend the political hijinks and posturing of the day and the agenda to weaken police unions will fail.

Over the years, through the collective bargaining process, the PPA has secured incredibly strong contracts for our members. The most recent contract—which we were able to negotiate without any concessions or reductions in health care or pension benefits—will result in over 18% and perhaps closer to 20% wage increases over a 3-year period through a combination of new top steps and CPI-based wage increases. That is an incredible accomplishment; one which our members undoubtedly deserve given our members’ dedication and tireless efforts to keep our communities safe.

The PPA has also worked to ensure that our members’ working conditions were addressed through an incredibly aggressive USDOJ settlement agreement. We have worked to ensure that our members’ rights to due process and just case for discipline have been honored through the arbitration process. We have weathered tumultuous times with repeated turnovers in the Chief’s Office. And we have been unrelenting in ensuring that City Council works to increase our authorized staffing, which most recently resulted in nearly 55 additional positions added to the Police Bureau budget.

We will continue to build upon this strong foundation into the future. And we will continue to bolster PPA member-only benefits such as a legal defense fund; FPDR legal representation; vacation houses in Lincoln City and Sunriver; life insurance, long and short-term disability plans; estate planning services; passes to Nike, Adidas, Columbia, and others; and discounted movie and car wash tickets.

You can be assured that every day, the PPA has one primary focus: that our members have the most dedicated, strong, and effective representation possible. We will continue to advocate for the wages, benefits, and working conditions that you deserve. We will continue to expose the false narratives and anti-police rhetoric by promoting the exceptional service you provide to the citizens of Portland every day. And we will continue to build upon this strong foundation for the future.

Each of you deserves the best possible representation and each of you will continue to receive that from the PPA.  And as always, we are here for you 24/7.

Daryl Turner, President
Tom Perkins, Secretary-Treasurer

Executive Board Members:

Jim Habkirk
Ryan Reagan
Scott Robertson
Dominic Lovato
Jason Walters
Zach Kenney
Brian Hunzeker
Kyle Nice
Chris Kulp
Ryan Coffey
Jeff Myers