Preserving the Integrity of our Police Bureau


Daryl Turner, President
Portland Police Association

Preserving the Integrity of our Police Bureau

(May 24, 2016 – Portland, OR) – The rank and file of the Portland Police Bureau live and work by a standard and code of conduct set forth by the Chief of Police, his managers, and most of all, by the needs and the expectations of the evolving and diverse communities we serve. When the standard is breached, there is an extensive investigation process in place that assures full disclosure and transparency to the public as well as every member of the Bureau. However, the expectation of this standard of transparency and trust does not and should not be exclusive to the rank and file; it must also include our Command staff, supervisors, managers, and the Chief himself.

Based on the severity of the allegations regarding an incident in Harney County involving Chief Larry O’Dea, we strongly believe that Chief O’Dea should step aside during the investigation.

This incident has compromised the integrity of the Police Bureau, and should not be a reflection on our sworn and non-sworn members who work tirelessly and diligently to build trust and respect within our community.