PPA/PPCOA Concerns

Concerns about the Integrity of Internal Investigations

The Portland Police Association and the Portland Police Commanding Officers Association share grave concerns about the integrity of internal administrative investigations in light of actions taken in the aftermath of Chief Larry O’Dea’s incident in Harney County. At a minimum, it appears that the Captain of the Police Bureau’s Professional Standards Division did not follow fundamental procedural requirements when he failed to notify Independent Police Review upon learning of Chief O’Dea’s incident.

The integrity of the internal review process and those charged with overseeing it are vital to maintaining public trust in the Police Bureau. We recognize that Professional Standards investigations into other allegations of misconduct by Bureau members must continue while IPR investigates Chief O’Dea’s matter. However, we have significant concerns about the due process rights of our members in investigations that are supervised by Professional Standards personnel, especially given that the Professional Standards Captain was notified of a very serious incident involving Chief O’Dea, yet failed to follow basic procedures that were specifically put in place to ensure accountability and integrity.

We believe the responsibility for the supervision and oversight of PSD internal investigations should be transferred to other Police Bureau command staff until Chief O’Dea’s incident is fully investigated.

Daryl Turner, President
Portland Police Association
Craig Morgan, President
Portland Police Commanding Officers’ Association