PPA Buy Sell Trade Facebook Group

buy sell trade

We’ve launched a Buy Sell Trade Group on Facebook for current, dues paying members. Our goal is to facilitate a forum for members to connect with each other. With the focus on members only, hopefully, you can avoid the scams so prevalent on Craigslist and other forums.


Buy, Sell, and Trade Group for Current Dues Paying PPA Members ONLY.

The PPA is not responsible and bears no liability for any transactions and postings that transpire through this group page. The PPA is merely facilitating a forum for members to connect with each other and post things they are selling or are in search of.

By joining this group, members acknowledge that the PPA has not made and will not make any express or implied warranties or representations regarding the services and items posted.

  • All posts/items must have a price.
  • All items for sale must include a photo. Photo must be of the actual item (not an internet stock photo).
  • No direct sales.
  • No GoFundMe posts.
  • No tobacco or alcohol is permitted for sale in this group.
  • No knives, guns, or weapons are permitted for sale in this group.

Admins reserve the right to remove any posting at any time and for any reason.

Admins reserve the right to remove, rescind privileges, and/or ban members from this group.

Admins reserve the right to edit these terms at any time.

This is a Secret Group administrated by PPA staff and facilitated on Facebook. While a Secret Group on Facebook means only members can see activity in the group and create posts, as with anything on the internet, assume that nothing is, in fact, private.

Angela Henderson Orr, PPA Communications
Annie McCoun Lamb, Office Manager
Darsi Garry, Receptionist


To invite/add members to the Secret Group, a member of the Group must be Facebook friends with them. Anyone who is a member of the Group can invite a member BUT Admin will receive a notification and MUST approve new members.

Members can be added by email (the email they use for fb):

  1. Request an invitation to join the group, email darsi@ppavigil.org, angela@ppavigil.org, or annie@ppavigil.org.
  2. Admin will add by email.
  3. Invitation is sent via email with a link.
  4. Accept the invitation by clicking through the link.
  5. Admin MUST approve membership.

Note:  If you requested an invitation via email, it will come from facebook and may end up in your spam, junk, or promotions folder…. so make sure to check those! 


Secret groups are the most private and no aspect of a Secret group is publicly visible, new members must be added or invited by current members to join, and only members can see the content of group posts.

  • Only members can see and create posts.
  • Secret Groups are not indexed by Google.
  • If someone has the URL to the Secret Group they cannot gain access without being invited and once they accept the invitation, it must be approved by an Admin.
  • If the Secret Group URL is shared, the URL is still not visible or accessible.
  • Only members of the Secret Group can see the other group members.

Note:  You will receive notifications to your personal News Feed, but only you will be able to see them; your friends will not see them.   



When you log into Facebook, you’ll find Groups under the Explore Menu on the left side of your Newsfeed.
Facebook > Newsfeed > Explore > Groups > PPA Buy Sell Trade Group


Click Groups and find the PPA Buy Sell Trade Group.
To Add it to your Shortcuts, click the Gear button which reveals a drop down menu. Select Pin to Shortcuts.
Groups > PPA Buy Sell Trade Group > Gear Drop Down Menu > Pin to Shortcuts

Now the Group will be easy to find when you want to post or visit to see what’s listed for sale. As the Group becomes active, you should start to see posts pop up in your Newsfeed, too.

When you click on the Group, it opens to Discussion where you can Post an Item for Sale.

You can scroll down the discussion to view individual posts OR click Items for Sale for a simpler view:


  1. Click Sell Something and Add the Item Name, Price, and brief Description.
  2. Add at least one image.
  3. Click Post.
  4. Click Only Post to Groups. This means it will only post to the Group Page that you are currently on… the (secret) PPA Buy Sell Trade Group. THIS IS AN IMPORTANT DISTINCTION! You can choose to Post to the Facebook Marketplace, too, but that means your item will be on the public forum AND in our Secret Group.


And here’s what the post looks like:


When you sell the item you posted, please come back to the post and Mark as Sold. You’ll see a prompt to submit an answer as to if and how your item sold. This data goes to Facebook statistics. Choose your answer and submit.


When you click on your Facebook App, you’ll find Groups by clicking the three horizontal line icon (list icon) at the bottom right corner.
Facebook App > List Icon > Favorites, Friends, Groups, Events, Etc.


  1. Click Groups.
  2. Find PPA Buy Sell Trade Group.
  3. Hold down the icon and a new menu opens. Select Add to Favorites.


  1. Click What are you selling?
  2. Add the Item Name, Price, and brief Description.
  3. Add at least one image or take a picture with your phone right within the app and the post.
  4. Click NEXT



Since you are writing this post on the Group page, the PPA Buy Sell Trade Group is already selected (meaning there is no circle next to it for selection) BUT you can choose to Post to other Groups, too, but that means your item will be on the public forum and in our Secret Group. THIS IS AN IMPORTANT DISTINCTION!

Click Post and you’re done.


Click the Group and scroll down!

If you have any questions, email Angela, angela@ppavigil.org.