Our Focus: Basic Employee Rights

Any public employee union contract is grounded in two basic concepts. First, public employees have constitutional rights to include basic due process rights. Second, public employees have the right to collectively bargain working conditions that allow them to best serve their communities.

Earlier today in the City Council work session, we heard from individuals from Campaign Zero who presented, under the guise of “national best practices,” several ideas that would take away these basic employment rights that all public employees should have and enjoy.

It is clear that Campaign Zero’s recommendations would strip police officers of the very same due process and constitutional rights that all public employees possess. This is nothing more than an attack on workers.

The collective bargaining rights of Portland Police officers are no different than any other public sector employee in the state of Oregon including firefighters, teachers, and all other city, county, and state employees.

Our wages, benefits, and working conditions are the basic tenets that unions have advocated for time and again. These issues impact our jobs, our livelihood, and our families. They also have a significant impact on our recruiting and retention efforts and the morale and culture of the rank and file.

The PPA remains focused on the fundamental issues of collective bargaining, public safety, and adequate staffing to keep our community safe. We will not be distracted by those with self-serving agendas to derail the basic rights of our police officers. Also, our expectation is that our City leaders focus on preserving core rights and ensuring we address the critical recruiting and retention issues facing the Portland Police Bureau so we can fulfill our community’s public safety priorities.

Daryl Turner, President
Portland Police Association