ORCOPS Alert: Take Action!


The Oregon Legislature is poised to chip away at collective bargaining rights by eliminating “just cause” standards. Let them know that’s not OK!

DEADLINE: 8 AM MONDAY, February 10, 2020

If you are in favor of law enforcement and fair employment standards, please help us in opposing SB 1567.

  1. Send an email by following this link >>> https://www.leoadvocacy.com/sb1567.
  2. Call your Legislator. 
  3. Share the Action Alert Page with your friends and other public safety supporters >>> Oppose SB 1567
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We are concerned and offended at the Legislature’s consideration of removing fair employment standards from a bargained contract.

Taking a disciplinary action to arbitration is a rare step of only about 1 in 100 cases.

Although SB 1567 pretends to be about accountability, it is actually making employers less accountable by allowing the type of selective enforcement of policies and discipline that our civil service system and collective bargaining statutes have protected against. Without a “just cause” standard allowing arbitrators to rightly adjust discipline when the employer has acted outside the scope of the labor agreement, we might as well have no contract at all.

Send the message to Legislators: Your law enforcement officers go to work every day willing to put their lives on the line to keep our communities safe. Please don’t repay that dedication with a subversion of collective bargaining rights. VOTE NO on SB 1567.

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