Is City Council Serious About Fixing Our Staffing Crisis?

As you know, we have been engaged in ongoing conversations with the City to resolve several issues; most importantly, inadequate sworn staffing at the Police Bureau. Our message to City Council has been unwavering—we must address retention and recruiting issues, and we must do so quickly. Our staffing crisis can only be solved with a comprehensive, long-term plan that focuses on investing in the men and women who tirelessly serve this community.

Our discussions with the City have been robust, but so far unsuccessful. Yesterday, City Council indicated to me that they are unwilling to make the necessary investment in the Police Bureau to fix the catastrophic staffing issues, enhance community policing, and continue to build community trust.

Until City Council embraces the solution we’ve offered by making the necessary investment, our staffing crisis will continue to crush us, harming not only our members but most importantly the community and their public safety needs. We will continue to aggressively advocate for the right solution to this very serious staffing problem.

Daryl Turner, President
Portland Police Association