In Response to Yesterday’s Incident

Yesterday’s incident, when officers responded to a hostage situation with an armed suspect holding a victim at knifepoint and threatening to have an explosive device, is yet another example of the gravity and unpredictability of police work. No matter how officers try to de-escalate, no matter how many other force options officers have available, officers may have no other choice but to protect life by using deadly force which was the case on Sunday.

The scope of the work that police officers do in dynamic, traumatic, quickly evolving, life and death situations is difficult to imagine. They must make dangerous and split-second decisions all the time and they never want to have to use deadly force.

From our dispatchers who first received the first call to the officers who responded, from the detectives on scene to those who follow up with witnesses and victims, everyone involved in the investigation are held to the highest standard of professionalism and their heroic actions, resolve, experience, and training saved a life.

As the investigation proceeds and the story unfolds, officers understand the political backdrop in this city; however, they still go out there and do their job with dedication and compassion. Every use of force incident and loss of life is a tragedy but, thankfully, the hostage was rescued and no one else in our community was harmed.