In Response to Chief Outlaw’s Departure Announcement

I was notified today that Chief Outlaw has accepted the position of Police Commissioner in Philadelphia and that Deputy Chief Jami Resch will be named our new Chief of Police. Although this comes as a surprise to me at this juncture in her tenure, I am not surprised that she was offered a job of this magnitude. Chief Outlaw supported the women and men working for the Portland Police Bureau which was evident in her press release regarding the last officer-involved shooting.

She proved she could make hard decisions by making the tactical changes in the Bureau that enforced the rules for protests and began the process of restoring order in Downtown Portland. Her accomplishments are all the more significant because they happened at a time when Portland simply could not recruit and retain police officers. And we continue to face the worst staffing shortage in our history.

Chief Outlaw had to navigate a history of uniquely difficult political dynamics in regards to policing while leading an organization that was both severely understaffed and under-resourced.

We wish Chief Outlaw all the best and look forward to working with Chief Resch.

Daryl Turner, PPA President