Evidence Not Rhetoric

Last Saturday night’s officer involved shooting at a South East Portland homeless shelter is another example of the extremely dangerous environment that Portland Police Officers face when protecting the lives of community members. Any time a citizen calls for help, police officers can be confronted by dangerous armed subjects as was the case in Saturday night’s incident.

As I have said many times before, any loss of life is tragic for all those involved. But much of the anger directed towards the police officers involved in this incident has been fueled by a false narrative and inflammatory rhetoric disseminated by the media, individuals, and groups whose agenda has nothing to do with the safety of our community.

Instead of spreading false information for profit and self-serving agendas, we need to wait until all the facts have been gathered by the investigators so we can take an honest, unbiased look at the evidence rather than wrongfully fanning the flames of negative emotions against police officers. With facts in hand, we can focus on our goal to continue building the relationship between the police and the communities we serve.