Contract Ratification Update

City Council is scheduled to vote on the contract ratification on Wednesday, October 12th. With City Council ratification, the contract will be implemented in 30 days. We will let our members know as soon as we get the notice from City Council.

Also, I want to thank each and every member for your support in our portion of the ratification process for the new PPA contract. The voter turn out and overwhelming endorsement of the tentative agreement for the ratification of the contract was a clear indication of how important this process is to our membership and how important it is for us to address staffing issues and community concerns as we put our best foot forward in solving these issues now and in the coming years. As always, the rank and file of the PPA has shown its staunch support in working for the communities they serve with dedication, integrity, professionalism, and compassion.

Have a good weekend and be safe out there.

Daryl Turner, President