Accountability Starts from Within

PORTLAND, OR:  When we make mistakes, we must hold ourselves to account. That is what the public expects of us. That is what we expect of ourselves.

Over the last 24 hours, we learned that Portland Police Association (PPA) President Brian Hunzeker made a serious, isolated mistake related to the Police Bureau’s investigation into the alleged hit-and-run by Commissioner Hardesty. We apologize to Commissioner Hardesty for that mistake and will be reaching out to meet with her personally.

Brian’s mistake was not driven by malice. But it was a serious mistake. He has held himself to account by resigning his position as PPA President effective immediately. The PPA’s Executive Board has accepted his resignation.

As an organization, we recognize the impact of this mistake. We acknowledge the need to improve, starting from within. To help with that process, we have asked Daryl Turner to return to the PPA as Executive Director in the interim to help our union rebuild trust within our membership, with City Hall and the Police Bureau, and with the community.

Portland Police Association Executive Board