A Job Well Done

Today the Portland Police Bureau came together with many other partners in law enforcement and kept Portlanders safe as they practiced free speech. The strategic plan put together by Chief Outlaw and all the parties involved was executed with precision, diligence, and professionalism by the rank and file who braved adversity while dealing with volatile opposing factions. Putting aside the unnecessary political hype leading up to today’s protest, the end result would not have been successful without the cooperation and self-sacrifice of the men and women who wear the badge with integrity, dedication, and compassion.

Today’s operation is a blueprint for future protests comprised of simplistic back-to-basics policing that should resonate into the day to day mission of everyday policing in the City of Portland.

Again, thank you to the many law enforcement partners who were crucial to the success of this operation. And to the rank and file men and women of the Portland Police Bureau, who are and always will be the foundation of this organization, who deal with an immense amount of political rhetoric, another job well done!

Daryl Turner, President
Portland Police Association