Retirees Message

June 29, 2011

By President Bob Roberts


On May 25th, we gathered the clan together for our monthly lunch at the Refectory. With many arriving by 11am, we filled up several tables. We had Bob Cox, Matt Bisenius, Randy Pulley, Glen Griffitts, Bud Bladow, Jerry Klinger, (his first time here), Norm Rosenbloom, Roger Haven, Mardi Epps, Cheryl and Charles Lopez, and Harry Boggs.

Our Guest Speaker was Scott Anderson, Chief of Police in Troutdale. Scott graduated from Portland State University in 1975, and in 1976 was hired by the Newberg Police. On July 11, 1977 he joined the Portland Police. He retired June 4, 2004 as Assistant Chief, and took a position

"This publication will be dedicated, therefore, to the principles of objective reporting and freedom of expression which we
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James Fleming, former Rap Sheet editor December 1970, Vol 1, Issue
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P.A.R.T.   Police Alcohol Recovery Team is a group of officers who are recovering alcoholics in the Portland Police Bureau. We are made up of various ranks and come from various divisions of the Bureau. Our mission is to help alcoholics in the law enforcement community and their families achieve and maintain sobriety. We adhere to an ethical responsibility of confidentiality, which is a promise to an officer to reveal nothing about his or her circumstance to any other Bureau member.